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Video's (Mostly Cosplay Music video's)

Tomofair 2017 - Cosplay Music Video

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

X-mas Con 2016 by Dutch COMICCON - Cosplay Music Video in 4k UHD

4k - Retrocon ComicCon Rotterdam 2016 - Cosplay Music Video

4k - MGC Experience 2016 Cosplay Music Video

4k - MCM London Comic Con October 2016 - Cosplay Music Video

[4k UHD]Nishicon 2016 - Cosplay Music Video

Tomofair 2016 - Short Cosplay Music Video

[4k UHD]Connichi- Cosplay Music Video

[4k UHD]Abunai! 2016 - Cosplay Music Video

Starting from now on in 4k UHD

Atsusacon 2016 - Cosplay Music Video

Animecon 2016 - Cosplay Music Video

DoKomi 2016 Cosplay Music Video

Dutch Comic Con 2016 Cosplay Music Video Day2

Deshimasounds 2015 Abunai! Edition.

Formula Cosplay 2016 The Netherlands edition - CMV

Tsunacon & We Love Japan evets. Recorded with new gear!

Video's from 2015

Nieuwsjaar Vuurwerk attempt @ lucht.

Happy New Year 2016 !

Nishicon 2015

MGC Experience 2015

....Tomo fair 2015....

Rotterdam Alexandrium 2nd Cosplay meet

....Tomo party 2015....

Abunai! 2015 + Owari no seraph CMV

Photo albums.

Comming soon...

About Me

This is me and Louise, at work for Animecon theater.

I am a random dude who likes programming, anime, electronics and weird gadgets, as for the last time, I like editing video projects, creating CMVs, or helping others with taking a video.

For most people, I'm known to called by the name

Appel, Dnstje, or Wes.

Me controlling the Avolites Pearl 2010 .


Send me a message on Facebook Facebook or at IRC

irc.rizon.net #pswg A-chan